Smarter Travel LIVE! 2017


Smarter Travel LIVE! - the UK’s must-visit showcase of practical applications of Intelligent Mobility for Sustainable Towns & Cities – is again coming to the ArenaMK, centrally and conveniently-situated at Milton Keynes.  And it’s happening at the end of this coming week, 19th and 20th October 2017, so there’s not much time left to get tickets!

Smarter Travel LIVE! is the UK's biggest annual event for practitioners, policy-makers, budget holders and innovators in the area of Intelligent Mobility for Sustainable Towns & Cities.  The things that make attendance at it so worthwhile are that it brings together developments in so many different areas, has a large number of hugely stimulating conference sessions, a myriad of practical examples from the UK and abroad, and a large, and imaginative exhibition – a Street of the Future.

The already rapid pace of technological change in transport is speeding up, and it affects private transport, cycling, public transport, passenger transport, new modes, freight and logistics, the shared economy, and both disrupters and existing providers.  The Conference has well over 100 speakers and over 60 different UK-based and international collaborative projects are being showcased.  Participants will be exposed to the links between different parts of the smart transport eco-system.

Delegates enter Smarter Travel LIVE! 2017 and are immediately immersed in a practical showcase of all the latest technologies and sustainable transport solutions in an open exploratory environment.  Exhibition stands form shop-fronts, which showcase the new technologies on display.  The Street of the Future exhibition will include: cycle-lane segregation products, smart street lighting, Electric Vehicles and EV charging infrastructure, smart data collection devices, cycle parking products, street scene products, including furniture and paving solutions, air quality monitoring products; and the full range of devices and products that will enable the street to become ready for future mobility.  Delegates will follow the road to ground-breaking seminars and networking experiences as well as to Smarter Travel LIVE! 2017’s new E-Bike pavilion.

Conference Topics at Smarter Travel LIVE! 2017 include:

  • Innovate, disrupt & improve – an international focus
  • Creating a collaborative and equitable UK ecosystem for smarter travel
  • Getting MaaS right
  • Behavioural change: the human element in a digital age
  • Accessibility for all
  • Developments in DRT
  • Digital infrastructure: new horizons
  • Smart Moves – enabling change
  • MaaS in practice
  • Future-proofing ITS: how local authorities can make the best investment decisions
  • Passenger transport futures
  • Freight & logistics
  • Shifting behaviour patterns through sharing transport
  • Cyber security and managing risk in a digital future
  • Smart cities and IoT: mobility impacts
  • Enabling smarter travel
  • Cleaner air: technology meets policy
  • Connecting with (all) the travelling public
  • UK CAVs: cities, streets and services
  • Total Transport workshop
  • How does successful innovation happen?  Supporting the journey from research to market

I will be at Smarter Travel LIVE! 2017 and am very much looking forward to meeting, clients, colleagues, collaborators and competitors there, both old and new.

To get your tickets for Smarter Travel LIVE! 2017, for either the full two-day pass (recommended) or just for one day if you’re really short of time, go to