MobiHub Ltd. is UK-based but we work right across the world.

We are a transport consultancy that is focused on sustainable transport strategy. Our work has geography at its core because we believe that an understanding and application of geographical principles is essential to designing and delivering transport that works for communities, both in the short and long terms. A key concept relevant to a large part of our work is that of Mobility Hubs - local sustainable gateways to demand-responsive travel.

Our projects are very varied, covering advice on policy development, strategy, system design, planning, operations, user needs, economics and finance, but a common theme is usually technology. This has a huge potential to play a key role in enabling commercially-successful public transport operations as well as delivering significant passenger benefits, first-class intermodal networks and sustainability; all things that we are passionate about.

John Austin, MobiHub Ltd.’s Managing Consultant, is a member of BRTuk - the interest and information group on evolving bus-based rubber-tyred rapid transit technology - and MobiHub Ltd. is a member of ITS UK, the UK association for the promotion of Intelligent Transport Systems. Reflecting our strong interest in Mobility as a Service (MaaS), the rich potential for taking forward MaaS in different areas of the UK, and our belief in Open Standards, John Austin is also a member of the UK Board of the TravelSpirit Foundation.

We also partner with EPN - the European Professionals Network - to offer advice and assistance on participating in European Projects.  

With our base being in Cambridge - the high-technology cluster city whose ideas change the world - we are also part of Cambridge Network. This is the  cross-sector organisation that brings people together - from business and academia - to share ideas and encourage collaboration for greater success.